Everything You Need to Know About the Underpinning Steel Pipe Press Fit Technique

Underpinning Steel Pipe Press Fit Technique

Underpinning is the process of strengthening the foundation of an existing house and is necessary for many reasons. The unstable and weak foundation is one of the major reasons of underpinning.

However, not all the underpinning techniques are suitable for all kinds of foundations. Thus, it is highly recommended to check the foundation type so as to decide the perfect method of underpinning.

One such underpinning method is the steel pipe press fit technique. In here, the steel pipes extend deeper inside the soil beneath the house/building to provide strength and stability to it.

Advantages of Steel Pipe Pile Press Fit Underpinning Technique

There are many advantages of this underpinning technique:

  • The technique is quiet and vibration free
  • It provides an efficient installation of pipes
  • The technique is quick and delivers high productivity and economy
  • No reaction frame is required to start the pile installation procedure

    Underpinning Steel Pipe Melbourne
    Underpinning Steel Pipe Melbourne
  • The corner piles that are the most important piles of the whole procedure are installed with ease
  • The technique offers recyclable foundation solutions
  • It is easy to achieve maximum development footprint by installing standard Z-piles in close proximity to the property boundary
  • The inter-lock friction produces higher quality and gives you accurate installations
  • After the completion of the work, the piles can be easily removed in order to restore the site to its original condition
  • Last but not the least advantage of the technique is that the piles can be easily threaded to each other without using a crane

How Steel Pipe Pile Press Fit Underpinning Technique Works?

This technique provides a stable foundation to your home. The piers that are used for strengthening the foundation are known as resistance piers or push piers or commonly the steel piers. The piers allow your house to rest on a stable footing and enable your house to bear the load properly. Have a look at a brief explanation of the technique:

  • The piers before installation are load tested so as to assure that they meet all the standards of load bearing and they produce the type of support needed for the repair
  • The above step assures that the piers are capable of bearing maximum weight during and after restoration and load transfer
  • The piers are driven individually inside the soil
  • A collar is attached to the lead section of a pier pipe to reduce any friction. This step minimizes the friction and helps in load testing the pier. This step also ensures that the piers have reached a firm rock or stratum so as to attain maximum stability.
  • Next, high pressure jacks are attached at various locations beneath the house. These are then maneuvered by hydraulic manifold. This step reduces the load on each pier and allows the designed working load to be moved on each pier separately.
  • The piers are then installed at excavated places beneath the house.
  • Then the whole structure is lifted up with help of a lifting equipment combined with a manifold system.
  • The contractors take care that the piers are placed at equal spaces towards the substratum.
  • The piers are pressed inside the ground with the help of jacks till the pipe reaches a solid substratum.
  • This process is repeated at multiple locations where the pipes are to be installed.Underpinning Steel Pipe Services
  • This causes the house to be equally lifted from all the places and especially, where the house has sunken.
  • The piers can be installed from the interior or the exterior of the footing.
  • After the steel pipes are installed, the jacks are removed in reverse order.

There are several methods of underpinning but the steel pier pipe method is the most customizable as it can be tailored to exact load specifications.

The technique has proven to be one of the best methods of underpinning in the industry. If you are also looking to stabilize your home’s foundation, talk with our underpinning experts today.

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