Restumping Solutions Melbourne

What Is Restumping?

Restumping Solutions Melbourne. Does your house have floors made with the help of stumps? Well, how reliable and durable are they?

If you are not sure, and your house is already showing signs of wear and tear, your house might need restumping. Restumping is a process of replacing stumps. It is also termed as re-blocking. Restumping is needed when the stumps have settled or deformed as a result of soil movement. The stumps can also get deformed or get rotted as a result of moisture of the soil.

In fact, if you are planning a major renovation of an old house, it is better to get restumping done, as it prevents extra strain in the structure of the house.

Professional Restumping Solutions in Melbourne
Professional Restumping Solutions in Melbourne

Restumping Solutions Melbourne can be difficult if not handled correctly. Don’t worry, if you are a resident of Melbourne, Crown Underpinning is here at your service.

Crown Underpinning is a leading restumping contractor in Melbourne. We have a highly experienced team of restumping specialists who deal with all kinds of repairs and construction works.

Benefits of Restumping In Melbourne

  • You get a professional help

    As stated above, restumping is a difficult job. It should not be classified as DIY. Getting professional help is the best option in this scenario. Professional restumping experts employ best tools and the latest technology to do this work. The end results are always satisfactory and you get a fresh, new as well as a strong outlook of your house.

  • Saves your time

    Restumping the entire sub-floor all by you can take a lot of time, and we hardly get time to do so such things owing to our busy schedule. Don’t worry; professionals of Crown Underpinning are here to help you. You just have to make an appointment through a phone call and rest of the process is taken care of.

  • Reliable work

    As the restumping professionals of Crown Underpinning are highly trained, you can completely rely on our work. We do our work with full honesty and on the stipulated time.

Why Do You Need Restumping?

There are several reasons or advantages of getting restumping done in your house. Some of them are:

Why Do You Need Restumping?
Restumping Solutions Melbourne
  • Repairs unstable foundations

    We all have heard the saying that – Australia is a land of the flood. The houses in Melbourne, owing to this reason are at a constant exposure to the force of water and moisture. This makes some houses shift on their stumps turning them into a weak foundation.

    In such cases, restumping becomes extremely necessary. In fact, in some cases, the houses are needed to be shifted up from the level of the flood water in order to make sure that the foundation of the houses retains strength.

  • Protection against disasters With changing climate all around the world, all places are at a constant risk of earthquake and other natural disasters. It becomes very important to have the kinds of sub-floors that are with stumps, which are ready to fight against these forces. So, it is better to have a regular inspection of these stumps and replacement must be done when needed.
  • Makes your house look new

    Any kind of renovation done in the house makes them look fresh as new. It also changes the physical outlook of the house. If renovation is done keeping in mind the fashion trend in style. For example- if stumps are wooden, try to paint them with vibrant colors so that they add to the beauty to the house and make the foundation strong.

How is a House Restumped?

Crown Underpinning follows a comprehensive approach for Restumping Solutions Melbourne.

Expert Restumping in Melbourne

  • Inspection

    First and the foremost thing which is to be done is a proper inspection in order to find out the stumps that need to be replaced or restumped. This lessens down the burden of the work as you don’t have to replace the entire sub-floor. This is done using a level, in order to assess how even your floors are. Secondly, the stumps are also checked for any kind of deterioration.

  • Jacking the house

    After this, the house is slightly jacked up, where the stumps need to be replaced and the existing stumps are replaced altogether.

  • Final inspection

    Before wrapping up the work, a final inspection is done to see any kind of pest infestation in the case of wooden stumps and repair them as well.

    These days, when houses are re-stumped, it is usually done with galvanized steel or concrete stumps. These are better than wood as they don’t rot and are immune to termites. In fact, steel stumps are also re-adjustable on- site, which proves to be an advantage during the time of installation. It saves a great deal of cost, time and energy.

    Getting a professional restumping from Crown Underpinning is better than doing it by yourself as getting it done correctly and precisely is extremely important- because it is a matter of your dream house.

Hire Reliable Company for Restumping Solutions Melbourne.

Crown Underpinning is known for providing reliable underpinning and Restumping Solutions Melbourne. services in Melbourne. We along with our team of restumping specialists have successfully restumped a range of houses including low-level ones. Here are a few reasons why should hire us:

  • Local licensed and certified restumping experts
  • We are licensed builder and constructor in Melbourne
  • We are known for providing durable and long lasting stumping with scientific methods and best equipment
  • We take care of all paperwork

That said, look no further – contact us today!

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